Les Ensembliers

The collection is inspired by pivotal moments in the lives and careers of Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellette, Chairman and President of Les Ensembliers respectively. Les Ensembliers was charmed by the current designed-in-house collection by W Studio, and W Studio was inspired by the incredible work of Les Ensembliers, so a partnership emerged.

“We wanted the rugs to feel unique and special. Each rug feels like a piece of art! The Mangrove rug is from a picture we captured while kayaking in the Belize, the Tamara is inspired by a large custom tray we created for a special project in Corsica, the Tassel is a memory from a project installation in NYC last spring which changed our lives... All our rugs have a story, a meaning! They were created as unique pieces and somehow magically they blend and connect to each other perfectly!” – Richard Ouellette

Les's Collection