Samara Shuter

Samara Shuter is a contemporary Canadian artist famous for her colourful paintings of mens suits. Her work has been showcased throughout North America at prestigous venues like the Rockefeller Center in New York and the Bronx Museum of the Arts. “Alan and the W Studios team are a dream to work with. Alan himself is an absolute visionary and staple in the creative design community. And so I was delighted to both meet and work with him on this fun project. He (Alan) is very open minded, like we are in my art studio, and so we decided to just throw it all out there and experiment with colours and tools... using everything from toothpicks, kitchen sponges and even folding canvas to create Rorschach-like impressions in order to create these playful and rich designs.” Shuter has been sought out by established brands such as Facebook, Timberland Shoes, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Microsoft, Schott, CHANEL, Saks Fifth Avenue and Saturday Night Live for special projects featuring her art.

Samara's Collection