Laura Stein Maison

Laura Stein Maison is a contemporary furniture and accessory collection designed and curated by acclaimed Canadian designer Laura Stein and her award-winning team. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, art, architecture and travel, the Maison collection seeks to combine simplicity with exquisite materials and thoughtful design.

The first installation of the Laura Stein Maison rug collection draws inspiration from artist and designer Anastasia Grigoryeva's watercolour paintings. Named for her mother, Elena, the collection is a tactile representation of a series of paintings. Striking a harmonious balance between colour and form, surface and space, the geometric patterns establish an evocative interplay among rich colours and abstract shapes.

The rugs’ wool yarns are custom-dyed and woven using a special technique to replicate the appearance of watercolours. Designed to provide a versatile option for a variety of interiors, these painterly modern rugs equally serve as a quiet statement piece or a dynamic background. Thanks to a long-standing partnership with Alan, we were able to draw on a wealth of ideas, collaborating to bring this exciting collection to life.

The Elena Collection